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Tuff Guard is in the business of providing an outstanding opportunity. Whether as a new business or as an add-on to a going concern, becoming a Tuff Guard Dealer can prove to be a successful venture.

To your customers, you will represent a company that is an industry leader in Polyurethane Linings. Spraying vehicle load areas and other more diversified applications within your community, you will be recognised as a valued expert.

Tuff Guard has moved away from the franchise type agreement where you have to pay a percentage of your profits over to the franchisor, instead, we supply you the equipment and training for a fixed amount and in return you purchase your raw materials and parts through us.

Backed by our training, back up service and knowledge we provide you the assistance to unleash your full protential to succeed in your area.

By deciding to invest in a Tuff Guard system you do not purchase a machine, you become part of a well structured and stable organisation that works as a unit to achieve a set goal!



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